POA Meeting Minutes and Announcements

Ochoco West POA
Board Meeting Minutes

– Ross Scrocca, President
– Mary Scrocca, Vice President
– Stacy Coburn, Interim Secretary
– Craig Riehl, Board Member
(Not present due to illness: Lisa Logan, Treasurer)
– Review and approve regular session minutes from August 11, 2022.
– Craig motions to accept minutes, Mary seconds motion, motion passes

– Margarete Holtz – Submission for building on property at 8900 NW Grimes Rd.
o Motion to accept, Ross Scrocca. Second by Mary Scrocca. Motion carries
– Katherine Wagner – Submission presented at meeting for mobile home to be placed on property
at 6223 NW Foster. Plans are within minimum requirements, culvert requirement to be
determined. Plans still need approval from OWWSA.
o Motion to accept, Craig Riehl. Second by Ross Scrocca. Motion carries

– Question about CC&R violation enforcement. Reviewed the POA board’s response to violations
per documented regulation / by-laws.
– Question / concern about acquisition of board minutes and financials. Directed to present
formal request in writing and/or email to OWPOA email.
– Recommendation from community member to post notes on community bulletin board in
addition to website and printed copies upon request.
– Stacy Coburn formally dismisses herself from POA board. Additional motions and/or votes
during meeting will not include her.

REPORTS OF OFFICERS: Financials not reviewed for August, pending submission from Treasurer.
– Bank Balance $ XX,XXX.XX
– Deposits $ X,XXX.XX
– Total Bills $ X,XXX.XX
– Aging Report
o Unpaid Dues $ XX,XXX.XX
o Outstanding Dues $ XX,XXX.XX
– Unpaid POA dues status / Liens
– Foreclosures

– Fire (Doug)
o Update on fire preparation – Fire break road has been dozed, cleared brush
– Roads (Craig)
o Culvert request submitted from property owner for driveway. Culvert approved for
installation pending information from property owner contractor, license, bond,
o Still yet to receive estimate from Bartlett
o Funds remaining for year $9,333 – minimal amount for repair, will hold funds for winter
– Pool (Mary)
o Sunrise Pool and Spa was not able to fit community pool into schedule for cleaning and
repair before end of season usage. 8-12 weeks out for cleaning.

– Shooting Range
o Searching for a new lead to take on the shooting range
– Lake (Mike)
o Mike not present, no change
– Little Lending Library
o No change
– Recreation Area
o To be discussed in recuring business

– Website
o Shawn has updated the website with committee members and new links for minutes
– Drainage
o No change, still waiting for estimate from Bartlett
– Welcome Packet
o On hold, need help from board or community
– Recreation Area
o Updated Rec Area map nearly completed, will post on website and gate. Also bulletin
– Capital Improvement
o No change
– Office Equipment
o N/A – Lisa not present
– Update of review process of rules / regulations submitted to Jered Reid
o Due to inconsistencies and concern about OWPOA CC&R / By-Laws – POA Board met in
executive meeting on September 1, 2022 to discuss suspending new building plans,
specific to mobile and/or manufactured homes until definition of regulation is clear.
Question raised to attorney, Jered Reid

– Monthly Action Report: (Mary)
o Fire Break maintained with dozer
o Cleared garbage from lake, thank you Ross and Doug
o Ross, Mary, Craig met with Jered Reid August 23, 2022 to discuss concerns about
language discrepancy in CC&R & by-laws between current edition and previous
o Executive meeting on September 1, 2022 to review newly presented information from
Jered Reid meeting on 8.23

– Motion to suspend acceptance of new building plan submissions for mobile / manufactured
homes effective 6:00 AM September 15, 2022
o Ross Scrocca motions, Mary Scrocca seconds motion. Motion carries

– Craig – Looking for new estimates on road maintenance to keep rates competitive
– Mary – Looking for new estimates on insurance to keep rates competitive
Meeting minutes submitted by Craig Riehl, Board Member

Posted 7/28/22

Work to open the pool continues to happen.

·       Water– The new filtration system is up and running. It appears to be working well.  It is not “automated” at this point which means as the level in the cistern drops, the pump for the well is turned on manually.  To avoid straining the system, it will take a few days to get the pool filled, once drained and cleaned.

·       Drain/clean– The pool needs to be drained, cleaned, and inspected. Five pool companies had been contacted to do this work.  The timeliest one has it on their schedule.  We were told they were two weeks out, last week.  Note: they had been scheduled twice since early May but had to postpone because of the water situation.

·       Bathroom– Two new toilets have been installed.  We had a community member step up and volunteer his time and expertise.  He’s new to the community, a plumber by trade.   If you need plumbing assistance, we can provide his contact info.  The bathrooms just need a thorough cleaning now.  Volunteers?

·       Solar panels– a solar panel system had been purchased to heat the pool.  The pool is currently heated with propane.  A support structure needs to be built for the solar system. The materials have arrived. We need volunteers to build the structure.  Any contractors/carpenters out there?  Opening of the pool is not dependent on having this in place.

·       General cleanup- A second load of trash, including wire fencing was hauled away.  The weeds before the pool entrance were mowed and sprayed. 

·       In the meantime, a nearby alternative: https://ccprd.org/park/prineville-pool/

For more information, please contact the OWPOA at poa@ochocowestpoa.com


Thank you